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12th September 2019

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28th November 2018

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4th September 2017

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4th September 2017

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28th February 2020

Global recognition for Strategic Elements’ Nanocube Memory Ink tech

28th February 2020

Strategic Elements’ Nanocube Printable Memory technology turns heads on a global scale

5th December 2019

Strategic Elements has diamond drill turning at potential meteorite impact structure

5th December 2019

Strategic Elements drilling underway to uncover Behemoth’s secrets

27th November 2019

Huge 8km by 4km Leviathan gold-copper-rare earths anomaly targeted by maiden drilling in 2020

27th November 2019

Strategic wins Gov’t grant to drill gravity feature

27th November 2019

Strategic Elements increases potential for copper-gold-rare earths at Leviathan Volcanic Pipe Field

8th November 2019

Strategic Elements has all the pieces in place to take on the Behemoth in WA’s Gibson Desert

8th November 2019

Strategic ready for big reveal at mysterious geological site

25th October 2019

Strategic Elements completes detailed geophysics at Leviathan volcanic pipe field

8th October 2019

On the trail of a company making mineral discovery at Behemoth and Leviathan

8th October 2019

Strategic to evaluate 4km wide gravity feature in WA

2nd October 2019

Strategic Elements given green light to drill potential meteorite impact structure at Behemoth

30th September 2019

Strategic Elements $1 million capital raising heavily oversubscribed

25th September 2019

Strategic Elements is bringing the future to security access

25th September 2019

Strategic Elements’ memory ink a key component in Transparent Security Access System

19th September 2019

Strategic Elements signs agreement to supply artificial intelligence and robotics solutions to mining industry

19th September 2019

Strategic Elements signs deal to develop AI software for mines

17th September 2019

Strategic Elements secures Aboriginal heritage clearance for drilling at Behemoth Project

17th September 2019

Strategic Elements gets underway with federal government’s high-tech defence program

16th September 2019

Strategic seeks entry into Australian defence sector

16th September 2019

Strategic Elements’s AI and robotics company enters defence tech program

12th September 2019

Strategic Elements investee agrees to develop AI and robotics solutions with US giant Honeywell

12th September 2019

Strategic signs robotics agreement with Honeywell

12th September 2019

Strategic Elements to collaborate in building experimental autonomous robotic vehicles

23rd August 2019

Strategic Elements closing in on drilling meteorite impact structure

31st July 2019

Strategic Elements launches new company to develop artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies

31st July 2019

Strategic umbrella extends to AI and robotics

31st July 2019

Strategic Elements launches AI and robotics company Stealth Technologies, shares up 29%

12th July 2019

Strategic Elements shares rise on improving Nanocube Memory Ink technology

12th July 2019

Strategic advances transparent memory ink tech

3rd July 2019

Strategic Elements will drill potential meteorite structure at Behemoth Project

3rd July 2019

Strategic awarded $150,000 to drill large ring feature

1st July 2019

Surveys outline major drill targets for Strategic

6th December 2018

Strategic expands survey at Behemoth ring feature

22nd November 2018

Strategic in printed electronics tie up with UNSW

22nd November 2018

Strategic Elements backs new CSIRO testing code to fast-track Nanocube development

12th November 2018

Mysterious rings lead to mineral hunt for Strategic

5th November 2018

Strategic Elements wins ballot for conglomerate-hosted gold licence

31st October 2018

Strategic Elements enters ballot process to secure areas prospective for conglomerate hosted gold

25th October 2018

Strategic Elements secures government funding to develop memory ink devices with CSIRO

25th October 2018

Printable liquid nanotechnology program to be extended

23rd October 2018

Strategic Elements begins survey to identify sulphide zones in the Gibson Desert

12th October 2018

Strategic wants to start mining possible meteorite craters in Western Australia

11th October 2018

Strategic Elements identifies ring-featured anomalies with potential sulphides

24th September 2018

Golden Blocks ripe for modern quest

19th September 2018

Strategic Elements waits on decision for Pilbara ballot

20th August 2018

Strategic Elements looks to extend research program with CSIRO

20th August 2018

Strategic Elements advancing dual focus on technology and gold exploration

16th August 2018

Strategic Elements throws hat in ring for conglomerate-hosted gold tenements

14th August 2018

Strategic Elements completes fieldwork at three Pilbara gold projects

15th June 2018

Strategic Elements continues exploration push at Pilbara gold projects

23rd February 2018

Strategic Elements eyes conglomerate-hosted gold opportunity in the Pilbara

21st February 2018

Is there gold in this ‘unexplained hole’ in the Gibson Desert? Strategic Elements wants to find out

26th October 2017

‘Very good’ potential for large-scale gold mining in the Pilbara, says expert

15th June 2017

Strategic Elements forms research agreement with CSIRO.

6th June 2016

Finland Embassy article on Nanocube development in Finland.

17th Mar 2016

Strategic Elements Ltd's nanocube advancements to attract industry attention

17th Feb 2016

Strategic Elements reveals nanocube memory advances