Recent Market Announcements

12th July 2019
Memory Ink Technical Development Update
3rd July 2019
WA Government Funds Drilling of Potential Meteorite Structure
1st July 2019
Anomalies Discovered Under Magnetic Rings Buried in WA Desert
5th December 2018
Behemoth IP Survey Extended and 400km2 of Further Licenses Lodged
28th November 2018
AGM Presentation 2018
26th November 2018
SOR Pilbara Gold Rocklea Dome Update
22nd November 2018
SOR Backs CSIRO Code and Flexible Memory Ink Program
12th November 2018
First IP Survey to Explore Buried Ring Features for Sulphides Completed
5th November 2018
SOR in Pilbara Conglomerate Gold Ballot Win
31st October 2018
SOR Pilbara Conglomerate Gold Ballots Update
26th October 2018
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
25th October 2018
Government Funding to Develop Memory Ink Devices with CSIRO
23rd October 2018
Hunt for Sulphides in Buried Ring Features Begins
18th October 2018
Memory Ink Advances Again at CSIRO and UNSW
12th October 2018
Gravity Anomalies Found Buried Within Magnetic Rings
19th September 2018
SOR Backed Maria Resources East Pilbara Ballots Update
18th September 2018
Golden Blocks Presentation Delivered at AusIMM NZ
20th August 2018
Nanocube Memory Development Update
16th August 2018
SOR Pilbara Gold Project in Ballot With Novo Resources
14th August 2018
SOR Pilbara Update and Nuggets Reporting
15th June 2018
Update on SOR Conglomerate Gold and Ring Feature Projects
23rd February 2018
West Pilbara Conglomerate Gold SOR Projects Update
21st February 2018
Gold in Soil Sampling at Potential Meteorite Impact Site
16th February 2018
Company Update on SOR Technology Activities
6th October 2017
Successful Large Scale Batch Production of Nanocube Ink
4th October 2017
Pilbara Conglomerate Gold SOR Projects Update
21 September 2017
Significant Gold In Soil Anomaly at SOR Ilkurlka Project
8 September 2017
Maria Resources EIS Drill Funding Win and Update
4th September 2017
Notice of Meeting
4th September 2017
Annual Report
15th June 2017
CSIRO Agreement for Printable Nanocube Memory Ink
7th June 2017
Nanocube Memory Ink Development Progress
14th September 2016
ASX Startup Joins Global Giants For Printed Electronics 
9th September 2016
Australian Tech Brings Memory to Cheap Flexible Plastic
8th September 2016
Exploration Starts at Unexplored WA Frontier Desert Project
6th September 2016
Drilling Funds Follow Lost 5324 g/t Gold Assay From NZ Mine
2nd August 2016
Strategic Elements to Escalate Project Development
8th June 2016
Share Purchase Plan Closes Oversubscribed
24th May 2016
Glass Based Transparent Device Remembers 100K Times
20th May 2016
Agreement for Early Assignment of Nanocube Technology
19th May 2016
Share Purchase Plan Update
16th May 2016

SOR Printed Electronic Sector Activities
6th May 2016
SOR Corporate Update
17th March 2016
New Generation of Nanocube Ink Prototypes
17th Feb 2016
Nanocube Memory Technology Advances

Press Coverage

12th July 2019
Strategic Elements shares rise on improving Nanocube Memory Ink technology
12th July 2019
Strategic advances transparent memory ink tech
3rd July 2019
Strategic Elements will drill potential meteorite structure at Behemoth Project
3rd July 2019
Strategic awarded $150,000 to drill large ring feature
1st July 2019
Surveys outline major drill targets for Strategic
6th December 2018
Strategic expands survey at Behemoth ring feature
22nd November 2018
Strategic in printed electronics tie up with UNSW
22nd November 2018
Strategic Elements backs new CSIRO testing code to fast-track Nanocube development
12th November 2018
Mysterious rings lead to mineral hunt for Strategic
5th November 2018
Strategic Elements wins ballot for conglomerate-hosted gold licence
31st October 2018
Strategic Elements enters ballot process to secure areas prospective for conglomerate hosted gold
25th October 2018
Strategic Elements secures government funding to develop memory ink devices with CSIRO
25th October 2018
Printable liquid nanotechnology program to be extended
23rd October 2018
Strategic Elements begins survey to identify sulphide zones in the Gibson Desert
12th October 2018
Strategic wants to start mining possible meteorite craters in Western Australia
11th October 2018
Strategic Elements identifies ring-featured anomalies with potential sulphides
24th September 2018
Golden Blocks ripe for modern quest
19th September 2018
Strategic Elements waits on decision for Pilbara ballot
20th August 2018
Strategic Elements looks to extend research program with CSIRO
20th August 2018
Strategic Elements advancing dual focus on technology and gold exploration
16th August 2018
Strategic Elements throws hat in ring for conglomerate-hosted gold tenements
14th August 2018
Strategic Elements completes fieldwork at three Pilbara gold projects
15th June 2018
Strategic Elements continues exploration push at Pilbara gold projects
23rd February 2018
Strategic Elements eyes conglomerate-hosted gold opportunity in the Pilbara
21st February 2018
Is there gold in this ‘unexplained hole’ in the Gibson Desert? Strategic Elements wants to find out
26th October 2017
‘Very good’ potential for large-scale gold mining in the Pilbara, says expert
15th June 2017
Strategic Elements forms research agreement with CSIRO.
6th June 2016
Finland Embassy article on Nanocube development in Finland.
17th Mar 2016
Strategic Elements Ltd’s nanocube advancements to attract industry attention
17th Feb 2016
Strategic Elements reveals nanocube memory advances