Project Description

Maria Resources focuses on applying innovative, scientific geological models to unexplored terrains.

Maria Resources is collaborating with Dr Franco Pirajno who was nominated as a top 1% highly cited researcher globally in 2019. He has 246 published peer-reviewed publications, is a sole author of 4 geology books and has presented 69 unpublished industry papers.  In industry, Dr Pirajno has worked in mining and exploration with Anglo-American Corp of South Africa for 19 years in Africa, Australia, SW Pacific and New Zealand and was an Exploration Manager for Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa Ltd in the South West Pacific.

Maria Resources is currently focused on the underexplored Madura Province (Nullarbor, WA) seeking critical metals (e.g. Rare Earths, Nickel, Copper, Gold, PGE) used in batteries and other advanced technologies.