Project Description

The Golden Blocks goldfield in the South Island of New Zealand is a virtually untouched 100 year-old high-grade goldfield.

Despite being known for its bonanza-grade gold production, it has remained virtually untouched for a century.

Globally there are very few gold projects that provide investors the opportunity to participate in such a high-grade gold opportunity as Golden Blocks.

Key highlights

  • Project covers entire 25km2 historic goldfield on the South Island of New Zealand.
  • Virtually untouched for over 100 years with records lost from public knowledge.
  • Archived records discovered by the Company revealed the true potential of the goldfield.
  • Over nine sites of historic gold workings with total production of 46,000 ounces.
  • High grade, underground free milling gold.
  • 2.5km ‘gold corridor’ of mineralisation.
  • The Aorangi Mine at Golden Blocks closed in 1914 due to shortages of labour with the outbreak of war led to flooding of underwater levels.
  • Produced approx. 26,000 ounces with gold production stopped at high-grade of 66 g/t.
  • Further mining and exploration attempts blocked by old English Estate land owners.
  • Archived records show last reported assays of 663.8 g/t gold over 0.75m including 5324.5 g/t over 0.25m in 1932.
  • No drilling or even basic soil sampling.
  • 100% owned by Strategic Materials.