Project Description

Energy Ink™ is a renewable energy technology that generates electrical energy from moisture in the air.

The Technology

Energy Ink™ Renewable Energy

Energy Ink™ cells generate energy from moisture in the air to potentially directly power a device or provide energy for battery storage. Energy Ink™ differs from other renewable energy technologies in key areas:

  1. Potential to regulate its energy source (moisture) within a dedicated unit, workable indoors/outdoors, day or night, which may improve versatility and consistency of supply.
  2. Energy generation from moisture enables cells to be stacked vertically, offering higher output in less space, unlike solar, which needs to be horizontally laid out.
  3. Super lightweight and thin layers made from environment-friendly, non-flammable materials enhance the potential for mobility, recyclability and safety.


Australian Advanced Materials (AAM) (100% owned) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have worked together on printed electronics over many years and were awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Linkage Grant to progress moisture as an energy source for wearables.


The Energy Ink™ is still the first of its kind to demonstrate the potential to power small devices by powering a commercial skin patch and associated sensor/Bluetooth.

There has been a preconception that moisture is only suitable for small devices. However, the Energy Ink™ was successfully re-engineered to achieve a significant 1000-fold increase in power density in under 12 months. This achievement challenges the conventional notion that moisture is limited to powering small devices.

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