Project Description

Innovative solutions for artificial intelligence

Stealth Technologies

Stealth Technologies has an agreement with global software-industrial company Honeywell to progress the commercialisation of Autonomous Security Vehicles (ASVs) for perimeter security. Under the agreement, Honeywell is responsible for identifying, engaging, and maintaining customer relationships, procuring access to customer facilities, processing fees and entering into and maintaining agreements with customers to facilitate ASV Pilot Deployments.

Stealth has also systematically advanced the application of key components of its ASV technology to develop a new product application. Through rigorous R&D efforts, miniaturisation of key navigation and localisation systems was achieved, opening up potential for industries including:

  • building, construction, architecture and contract management,
  • urban development, planning and engineering,
  • unmanned and remote monitoring and surveillance,
  • transport and logistics; and,
  • cordless tools.

Stealth has continued to progress its technology for the mining sector. The technology offers a new approach for industry, with the potential to mitigate known operational challenges that cause lost productivity and revenue opportunities for underground mining companies. A demonstrator has now been developed using data collected live from an operational mine.

Stealth continues to investigate late stage broad-acre weed detection technology in collaboration with the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative, a world leader in herbicide resistance and cropping system management.

Stealth Technologies is also collaborating with AAM and UNSW on the development of next generation of Energy InkTM cells and testing systems. These advanced testing systems are designed to test multiple devices simultaneously and offer an enhanced dynamic range suitable for the high-power density cells being developed by AAM. Such advancements will empower both the UNSW and Perth laboratories to augment their testing capacity for the Energy InkTM cells.